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ISSBD - Regional Workshops

Regional Workshops

To further promote and advance behavioural development research ISSBD is proud to have sponsored over 20 regional workshops, to date, across the world. Cooper and Verma’s historical overview of ISSBD regional workshops is available to read, here.

Previous workshops include

  • Regional Workshop, Budapest, Hungary - 12-14 September, 2013.

    Interpersonal Dynamics in Childhood and Adolescence
    The workshop focused on theories and research findings about children’s, adolescents’ and young adults’ social development, with particular attention to the dynamics of different kinds of interpersonal relationships (parent-child, siblings, friends, peers, social dynamics of peer groups etc.).

  • 10th African regional workshop, Pretoria, South Africa, 25-27 September, 2013.

    Sustaining research excellence amongst early career African scholars
    The 10th African Regional Workshop took place in South Africa, hosted by the Department of Inclusive Education in collaboration with that of Psychology of Education at the University of South Africa. The organizers invited early career scholars in Africa (currently registered Master's and PhD students) to submit abstracts based on their research for poster presentations during the research workshop.

A report of the 2011 Chandigarh, India, regional workshop can be found here, and if you are interested in organising a future workshop, please read our guidelines for workshop proposals (below)

1994 Beijing workshop, participants discussing a seminar.

9th ISSBD Africa Regional Workshop, 2011.


A Guideline for Workshop Proposals

ISSBD sponsors workshops on a regular basis. Typically, workshops are proposed to introduce scholars to new methods, updates of substantive areas of research, and reviews of given topics. Participants include early career scholars from developing and under-developed countries. Participants are drawn from the majority world and regions of the globe (Western Europe; North America). In such cases, the goal is to introduce early career scholars from different regions of the world in an effort to promote unity and collaboration.

Workshops typically are between 3-6 days in length. Senior researchers usually deliver formal addresses and lead discussion groups. Early career scholars may present posters or short papers on topics related to the Workshop theme. The venue for proposed Workshops varies. However, it is usually the case that a Workshop immediately precedes or follows the Biennial Meetings of the Society.

Workshops are also held, on a regular basis, in Africa, Asia, Eastern and Western Europe, Latin America, the Middle-East, and North America.

ISSBD has set a budget to support its Workshop series. Additional support should be generated via the writings of proposals to local sources (e.g., institutional support), local governments, and to supportive Foundations. ISSBD will support up to three Workshops per year, although two is preferable.

Proposals should be directed to the President of the Society. A description of the proposed workshop, the prospective participants, names of senior speakers (if possible) should accompany a full budget. The Executive Committee of ISSBD will review each proposal either upon receipt or upon revision following commentary and guidance from the President. Once the Executive Committee has approved a Workshop proposal, it will be submitted to a funding agency by the Treasurer of ISSBD. Funds granted to the Workshop will be received and distributed by the Treasurer.

Following a successful regional workshop, ISSBD expects the organizers to prepare a report on the workshop (which should include a budget expenditure report). This report is due approximately six months following the event.



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