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ISSBD - Word from our President

Word from our President

This is my first President’s note for ISSBD Bulletin. I would like to take the opportunity to thank our former president, Wolfgang Schneider, and his team, particularly Katariina Salmela- Aro (Secretary General), and Ingrid Schoon (Treasurer), for their leadership in carrying out a variety of activities including the biennial meetings and workshops and in creating and maintaining several highly successful programs such as the ISSBD Developing Country Fellowships and the ISSBD/Jacobs Foundation Fellowships. These activities and programs have significantly helped make ISSBD a truly influential international society in the field of developmental science. Of course,Wolfgang is still on the Steering/Executive Committee as the Past-President, Ingrid remains as the Chair of the Finance Committee, and most others including the chairs and members of the committees will continue to help our group.

I would also like to extend a warmwelcome to the new members of the Executive Committee, including Karina Weichold (Secretary General), Nancy Galambos (Treasurer), Tina Malti (Membership Secretary), Josafa´ M. Cunha (Early Career Scholar Representative), Toni Antonucci, Charissa Cheah, Biao Sang, Marcel van Aken, Sabine Walper, and Rita Zukauskiene. The new teamhas started their work and, obviously, will do their best to serve the Society.

In addition, as you may have noticed, we now have a new editorial board for the International Journal of Behavioral Development. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Marcel and his Board members for the superb job they have done over the past 6 years to improve the quality and the impact of the journal. I am confident that, under the editorship of Brett Laursen, our flagship journal will be one of the best publications of ideas and research findings about human development from international and life-span developmental perspectives.

ISSBD just held a biennial meeting and a preconference workshop in Shanghai, China. Over 130 early career scholars from all over the world attended the workshop; thanks to the Jacobs Foundation for providing awards and other financial support. Marc Bornstein, Rob Coplan, Robert Kail, Debra Pepler, Peter Smith, and Hiro Yoshikawa each ran a session in which they gave a lecture and led discussions about issues in a particular area. I sat at a table to have lunch with about 10 scholars from Brazil, Argentina, China, and Germany, and had very interesting conversations with them about their research, aspirations, and life stories. I was also told that it was an extraordinary experience for them to interact with, and learn from, the experts and peers.

The main conference was equally successful, with approximately 700 delegates from 50 countries and regions. A number of prominent scholars in the field of human development gave invited presentations on important topics such as aging, adaptation in a competitive world, social policies and children’s well-being, numerical development, parenting intervention, interaction between neuroscience and culture, and stimulating psychological development in the context of HIV. The symposia and posters also generated great interest and intensive discussion. I was particularly impressed that almost every session was fully attended with a high proportion of energetic young scholars in the audience. The social programs such as the dance and music performed by children and youth at the opening ceremony and the banquet were fabulous. I would like to thank Biao Sang, the organizer of the meeting, and Dan Li and Junsheng Liu, the co-organizers of the preconference workshop, and their colleagues and students for successfully organizing these important events.

The new Executive Committee and other committees are currently working on a number of plans such as promotion of membership, regionalworkshops, and joint activitieswith other institutions and organizations. For example, Bill Bukowski, the new Chair of the Publication Committee, and his colleagues are organizing an international video conference on peer relations (the address of the conference Facebook page is https://www. On-Peer-Relations/436502103055595?fref¼nf). Anyone who has online access should be able to participate in this conference. The Membership Committee has recently recruited several new regional coordinators, with the help ofKerry Barner fromSAGE, so we are expecting to see a growth of membership in regions that are currently under-represented in ISSBD. Rita Zukauskiene is working hard to prepare for our next biennial meeting in Lithuania in 2018. Based on her presentation in Shanghai, the city and the meeting venue look really wonderful. The International Program Committee will make a great effort to put together a strong program for the meeting. Finally, I encourage all of you to actively participate in the various activities of ISSBD. If you have any ideas or suggestions about what we should do or if you would like to do anything for the Society (e.g., organizing a regional workshop on a particular topic), please do not hesitate to contact us.

Xinyin Chen
President of ISSBD
September 22, 2014



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